Add or remove users from a stream

Add users to a stream

By default, anyone (other than guests) subscribed to a stream can add users to that stream. Additionally, anyone (other than guests) can add users to a public stream, whether or not they are subscribed to the stream.

Organization administrators can configure which roles have access to add other users to a stream.

  1. Go to All streams.

  2. Select a stream.

  3. Select the Subscribers tab on the right.

  4. Under Add subscribers, enter a name or email address. The typeahead will only include users who aren't already subscribed to the stream.

  5. Click Add.

To add users in bulk, you can copy members from an existing stream or user group.

Note: Subscribing someone else to a stream sends them an automated private message from notification bot.

Mentioning a user in the compose box (alternate method)

When you mention a user while composing a message, an alert banner appears above the compose box if they are not subscribed to the stream.

Click the Subscribe them button on the banner to add the user to the stream. You will not see the button if you don't have permission to subscribe the user.

You do not have to send the message you are composing for the user to be subscribed this way.

Remove users from a stream

This feature is only available to organization owners and administrators.

Anyone can always unsubscribe themselves from a stream.

Organization administrators can also unsubscribe other users from any stream, including streams the admin is not subscribed to.

  1. Go to All streams.

  2. Select a stream.

  3. Select the Subscribers tab on the right.

  4. Under Subscribers, find the user you would like to remove.

  5. Click the Unsubscribe button in that row.

From a user's profile (alternate method)

This method is useful if you need to remove one user from multiple streams.

  1. Hover over a user's name in the right sidebar.

  2. Click on the ellipsis () to the right of their name to open their user card.

  3. Click View profile.

  4. Select the Streams tab.

  5. Under Subscribed streams, find the stream you would like to remove the user from.

  6. Click the Unsubscribe button in that row.